stand up pouch

Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouch bag refers to a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom, which does not rely on any support and can stand on its own regardless of whether the bag is opened or not. In the 1990s, it was widely recognized in the American market, and then popularized all over the world. It is a relatively novel form of packaging, which has advantages in improving product grades, strengthening shelf visual effects, carrying light, easy to use, fresh-keeping and sealability.

These pouch bags are mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, inhalable jelly, condiments and other products. In addition to the food industry, the application of some washing products, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products has gradually increased. We are a professional flexible packaging supplier and manufacturer, which can design packaging bags suitable for your own brand for customers for free.